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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Jonathan Miller interviewed Richard Dawkins about his view of Atheism. He believed in the theory of evolution. When Miller referred to the political figures involving religion, it brought up a point because there is still not really a separation between religion and state. Your religion sticks with you and it’s hard to ignore it in making decisions, such as abortions, etc.

Miller was concerned with whether people converted to Atheism after learning about it, or if they were basically born with it and didn’t have a religious thought. Darwinian Revolution really made sense to scientist Richard Dawkins, and he said he felt freedom because of it. He also said that it made sense because it was an explanation of the way the world was. Darwinian theory involves the process of natural selection. Reproduction is just a way of genetic mutations. He believes in the universe there is no “super mind.”

Personally, I don't agree in Atheism because I am religious. I just don't agree with the whole scientific theory of how the universe was created. I believe in God and I don't think that the Darwinian Theory makes much sense to me, because it's hard to put my feelings about religion aside.


Blogger nuno said...

Do you really think that Darwinian Theories contradict religion? Once Life is created, it can develop, grow, change, etc. Evolution is about changes. Not necessarily about creation.

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