Eastern Religions

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

It is very true that if we respond to problems in a positive manner then they wouldn’t really be considered problems. We all want to be happy. Also like the lecture today if we hold on to things then they affect us. (like the insult if you hold on to it, it affects you but if you just throw it back then it goes away)

In this story it is believed that Siddhartha came from the white elephant. It talks about what we talked about in class on Monday 9/25 because he encountered sick and old people, and even a corpse. He got a vision one night and decided he wanted to leave the palace but his father wasn’t happy about this. Finally he got a way and was considered a monk. One night he meditated until dawn then he became a Buddha.

It is interesting how it says that Buddha knows everything from the past, present, and future.
We all take advantage of what we have. We might have a nice car that runs perfectly yet we still want a better one. We are often unhappy with our lives when we shouldn’t be.


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