Eastern Religions

Sunday, September 17, 2006

If Darwin didn’t bring up this theory , there might not have been a start to Atheism. Dennett thought that Darwin brought up a good point with enough explanation for these scientists to believe that it made sense. Dennett thinks we have a soul but a mechanical soul and that it still does the work. I think that the soul has more of a religious purpose than to think of it as having nothing to do with God. He mentioned that the purpose of our brains is to anticipate the future and to have plans for the future. Dennett said it was a part of our nervous system, but these feelings we have are hard to avoid. We are just accustomed to having these feelings. Dennett was raised as a Protestant but then he converted to Atheism. I think most people convert to Atheism after they realize what they want and when they figure out they don’t have to follow their parents’ religion. He compared God to Santa Claus thinking that some people grow out of believing in God. Basically he thinks people talk about Santa Claus and believe in him but he doesn’t exist.


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